Original acrylic paintings on canvas of Southwestern landscapes from the high desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico and Taos in northern New Mexico. The Sonoran desert landscapes of Arizona near Tucson, Scottsdale and Phoenix with Saguaro cactus, Organ Pipe cactus, Cholla cactus, Mesquite trees and desert wildflowers. The Aspen forests of Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, Utah and Arizona during all four seasons. Spring, summer, autumn and winter Aspen trees with bright, vivid color and vibrantly colorful displays. Autumn Aspen foliage in explosive color during the fall. Rocky Mountain landscapes from Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming and many other western locations. 

European landscape paintings on canvas of Italian lavender landscapes from Florence and Tuscany. Bluebell wildflowers from Surrey, United Kingdom, Spain other European locations. Sunflower fields from Spain and Italy. Cypress trees and rolling hills of the area of Le Marche in Italy. Wildflower fields in bloom from the farmlands of England and Ireland. Original Abstract expressionistic acrylic and oil paintings on canvas. Abstract scenes inspired by images from the Hubble Deep Field telescope of the outer cosmos showing distant galaxies, colorful exploding nebula, supernovas, infinite deep space, the Crab Nebula...the vastness of space. Original Wildlife paintings on canvas of animals of the southwest such as grizzly bears, black bear, mountain lions, bison, deer and many other wild animals. Songbirds, birds of prey such as hawks, great horned owls, kestrels and many more. 

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